I am an artist whose life and work reflects my passion for and steadfast commitment to the planet.

Personally, I recycle, conserve water, conserve electricity, use reusable bags, purchase energy efficient appliances, buy organic food and actively participate in online environmental actions and petitions as well as promote environmental awareness and “green living.”

Professionally, my work reflects an ever-evolving organic synthesis of mixed media.

As such, my technique involves:

Encaustic – an ancient technique involving heated beeswax + damar resin

Solarplate Intaglio - an organic printmaking technique utilizing the sun as the catalyst to burn an image into a copper plate as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toxic printmaking

Recycled Materials - respectfully and gently unearthing the found objects that appear in my work

Found Object Framework

Alignment with the Rough Luxe Philosophy - Defined by the Wall Street Journal as ‘artful dissonance’ and ‘a study in contradictions,’ rough luxe perfectly captures the essence of my work and the mindful combination of carefully arranged recycled materials, found object framework and the contemporary, yet ancient technique of encaustic

My choice to experience each moment with passion, authenticity and presence


Additionally, in 2011 I created "the green project," a special designation for artwork from which a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Environmental Defense Fund, “Environmental advocates who believe in prosperity and stewardship.”


I believe we should tread lightly on the planet and treat it with respect...