As an artist, I am committed to:

  • Choosing to experience each moment with passion, authenticity and presence
  • Allowing my work to go where inspiration leads me, reflecting an ever-evolving organic synthesis of techniques
  • Creating a peace-filled and intimate studio space and establishing flow thru meditation
  • Layering unique elements of the human experience, as primal archetypes, into each piece of work, thereby creating a threaded symbology that reveals the depth of my own transparency
  • Sharing my love of poetry, philosophy and connection to Zen Buddhism through the creation of unique and spiritually inspired work
  • Living life and creating work with constant mindfulness—reflecting my passion for and steadfast commitment to the planet while actively promoting environmental awareness and “green living”
  • Giving back to and participating in projects that speak to causes about which I am most passionate
  • Giving thanks, every day, for this wonderful and inspiriting gift...